Tradition of film animation started in Banja Luka at the end of the sixties of the 20th century and culminated in 1971., when Banja Luka hosted The May Festival of Animated Film BANJA LUKA 71, first of its kind in ex Yugoslavia.In the years to come The May Festival was transformed in movie manifestation named The Festival of Filmmaking. After several years The May Festival ceased to exist and the screenings of short animated films in Banja Luka's cinemas stopped too. In the following years, in the city on the river Vrbas were showed animated films from around the world.

Interest for animated film in Banja Luka was renewed in 2005. by the group of young film workers from the Association for Visual Arts FENIX ART. FENIX ART showed the great retrospective of "Zagreb School of Animated Film" with 44 films of world famous school of animation. Popularization of short form of animated film was continued on the revues, where more then 300 animated films were showed ("Days of Zagreb School of Animated Film"-2005, "Revue of Animated Film"-2006 and "Days of Animated Film" - 2007).

International Festival of Animated Film BANJA LUKA 2010. in organization of Association for Visual Arts FENIX ART represents historical continuity of film animation in Banja Luka, which has it roots in The May Festival of Animated Film held in 1971.