Student competition program 1 UNDER COVER / ISPOD MASKE Darian Bakliža / Croatia / 6'22'' / 2023


This Master's thesis is an animated film based on a short story written by Mihovil Rismondo, my colleague from Academy of Dramatic Art. The topic is peer violence with an emphasis on the psychological kind. Set in school days, it is a story about boys who physically show their lack of understanding of someone who is different, and forcing such behavior to the limit. It also shows how one sees bullies in a much worse way than they really are. Also, the film shows how someone is a much bigger bully than what his idea of it is.We are guided through the film by the narrator, who is actually one of the bullies. With the idea of creating an original visual, different techniques of material preparation (drawing, photography, film, collage...) as well as different types of animation (2D, 3D, stop motion) were used. Genre-wise, the film combines drama with horror, ending in catharsis.

Biografija režisera

Darian Bakliža was born in 1996 in Koprivnica and lives in Zagreb. He received a bachelor's degree in design at the Design Studio at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 2018, and a master's degree in animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city in 2022. His first animated film, the one-minute "Dream", was screened at Animafest Zagreb, 2019. After completion of his studies, he works in animation and design as a freelancer.


Darian Bakliža
Mihovil Rismondo, Darian Bakliža
Darian Bakliža
Darian Bakliža
Darian Bakliža
Darian Bakliža
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Darian Bakliža
Vjeran Šalamon
Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb
Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb
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