Grand competition program 1 All Is Lost / Todo está perdido Carla Pereira, Juanfran Jacinto / Spain / 7' / 2022


The Pérez family are an almost normal family, although their behavior is somewhat dysfunctional. The couple plans to fertilize an egg she laid last night.

Biografija režisera

Carla Pereira is an animator and Juanfran Jacinto is a modelmaker and art director. They co-founded the Colectivo Engranaje studio. Carla has worked as a stop motion animator in series such as Clay Kids, Konijn & Konijntje, Twirlywoos, Clangers and El diario de Bita y Cora, in shorts such as El criptozoólogo, Ouróboros and El mar and in films such as the Norwegian Hakkebakkeskogen, the latest film by Wes Anderson, Isle of Dogs or Inzomnia. In the animated feature Os demonios do meu avô, directed by Nuno Beato, Carla worked as an animator and Juanfran as a modelmaker building puppets and workshop manager. They have co-directed the stop motion short film Metamorphosis, nominated in 2020 for the Goya Award for best animated short film and winner of the Biznaga de Plata at the Malaga Festival in the same category. In 2021 Carla directed the short film Selection Process, Biznaga de Plata at the Malaga Festival and nominated for the 2022 Goya Awards. Juanfran was head of the workshop on this short film.


Carla Pereira, Juanfran Jacinto
Carla Pereira, Juanfran Jacinto
Carla Pereira, Juanfran Jacinto
Iñaki Carbonell, Markus Mayer, Carla Pereira
Celia Benavent
Production Design
David Castro
Albert Mejías
Álvaro Díaz Calvo, David Castro González, Jorge Acosta, Guadalupe Arensburg
Mammut Films, Mansalva Films, Inaudita
Country of origin