Grand competition program 4 The bridge / Most Izumi Yoshida / Poland / 22 / 2022


The animated film "The Bridge" is a touching story about The Siberian Children. The film is inspired by historical events of the first diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan. The film "The Bridge" is told from the perspective of one of The Siberian Children, a ten-year-old boy named Janek. The main character, who is the leader of Polish children orphans in Siberia, feels responsible for the group, behaves like an adult man, cannot be a defenseless and ordinary child.One day, unknown rescuers of the Japanese Red Cross come to the rescue, who in the eyes of children look like giants. The children are saved by the Japanese, they are taken to the Land of the Rising Sun, where they receive medical care, a hot meal, a roof over their heads and the love of those who made a family for them. Janek meets there Haru, an energetic girl. She becomes Janek's guide through the unknown, beautiful, warm and colorful new world - Japan. Haru becomes his teacher of a different culture, but also teaches him how to be a child. Janek regains his childhood. When little Poles regain their health, it is time to part. The friendship between Polish and Japanese children has created an unbreakable bond.

Biografija režisera

Izumi Yoshida (born in 1989). Lodz Film School graduate. Since 2017 she’s been lecturer at Art School in Lodz. Her first film “Kinks” that were nominated in many festivals and won many awards including one at Split Film Festival in Croatia and another on Animator in Poland. In 2019 she’s been Polish Film Institute’s expert in animation film domain.


Izumi Yoshida
Izumi Yoshida, Paulina Skibinska
Krzysztof Wierzbowski, Izabela Ambroziak
Joanna Stepien, Joanna Szlembarska
Gabriel Goubet
Jan Pawel Traszka
Production Design
Izumi Yoshida
Didier Falk
Anna Mroczek
LIKAON (Anna Mroczek)
Country of origin