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Marija Milanović Lazarevski (Serbia)

She graduated on Dunav Film School in the film-animation department, in the class of professorRastkaĆirića, with film 'Shadow and her man''who won the goldplaque on 49thYugoslavianDocumentary and Short Film Festival, Grand Prix, gold pin in Čačak, and many other awards. She is the author of films ‘’Naive story’’, ‘’How did lily become’’, ‘’Spaceman wanderer’’, "Mixed memories’’, which also received many awards and participated in many national and international festivals. She is a member of UFUS, since 2003 she works at theanimated film workshop at the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade. She made children's films ''Looney camera'', ''Interest'' , ''Olives'', ''Sea'' and she is the author of more than ten campaigns for an international event ‘’Joy of Europe’’.

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Zijad Mehić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Graduated on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Editor, Producer, Director and Editor in chief of significant Television feature films, Documentaries and Film projects, on TV Sarajevo, German Television ARD, BHT1 and independent production company "Refresh Production." General Manager and Producer of the "Refresh Production", producing significant feature and documentary films, documentary and entertainment TV series, numerous promotional stories, TV and radio spots that have been awarded by important BiH and international awards and recognitions.He is awarded with numerous national and international awards. One of the founding members of the multi-media directing department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 1989. Since that time he works as a teacher on Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. Visiting professor at the University of Banjaluka and Pristina since 2007. Dean of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajev from 2005 to 2013.

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Darko Kreč (Croatia)

Born in 1958 in Varazdin. He graduated on the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, but professionally he isengaged in animated films, comics and illustration.He worked in "Zagreb film" since 1984 as animator and director of animated films, and in 1988he realized the first author animated film "Duet" (awarded at the 35th Festival of Yugoslavian Documentary and Short Film Festival in Belgrade). He perfected his occupation in numerous co-production series as the main animator: "The little flying bears","Anima animal" , "Bear Bojan" and many others. 1996 he realized the animated film "The Last Waltz in the Old Mill" from a screenplay by Oscar winner Dusan Vukotic. In 2000 realizd with Davor Međurečan the film "Level 9" and his most successful f ilm "Tree House"

from 2005, which is shown on about fifty festivals in the country and abroad (among others in the SICAF Seoul-Korea, London Film Festival, Melbourne film Festival, Sao Paolo film Festival, Animamundi - Rio de Janerio, New Zealand film Festival, Indilisboa - Lisbon, Tehran, Jana International film Festival- Lebanon, KunstKortfilm - Copenhagen ... and was awarded at Animafest, 2006).

He teaches classical animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Animation and New Media as an associate professor, department since its founding in 1999.As a visiting professor he teaches classical animation at the Academy of Arts, University of Banja Luka.He was artistic consultant for the animated film in the Croatian Ministry of Culture from 2005 to 2008 and a member of the Council of the World Festival of Animated Film -Animafesta from 2006 to 2015 and President of the Council from 2010- 2015. She is currently completing the fifth author animated film "The Story of ... ". Besides his work on the animated film, for years continuously published comics and illustrations, creating numerous comic book series and comic book heroes:"Boduljko and scopolia", "Kiki and others", "Quark and Kruno", "Karlek", "Kloksići,""Puss Pipo’’ ...etc.


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