29. March 2018. Banjaluka IAFF continues its existance
Foto: Festival archives

"Over the past several months, the Association for Visual Arts FENIX ART from Banja Luka received support from the various parties, as well as suggestions and concrete offers that would help Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival survive.

The Board of the Association for Visual Arts Association FENIX ART informs the public that the conditions have been and the International Festival of Animated Film of Banja Luka 2018 will be held this year," they say from FENIX ART.

This association says that the reasons for the decision are primarily material in nature:

"The Association of Film Workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided to significantly support this year's festival. Also, the organizers of the Festival received an offer from the Vlado Ljevar, director of Oscar Film Banja Luka, who, for the needs of the festival, rented the Cineplex Palas under favourable conditions, as well as superior projection technique.

The Association for Visual Arts, like in previous years, counts on the financial support from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska, which has not yet announced this year's funding for film festivals. By the decision of the Association Board of Directors, due to the modest financial support of the City of Banja Luka, the International Festival of Animated Film this year will not be included in the Calendar of cultural events in Banja Luka. "

Due to the exceptional support of the festival by the Cultural Center of Trebinje, this year the festival will be held simultaneously in the cities of Banja Luka and Trebinje.

Source: mondo.ba