02. April 2018. Little creative artists began with the creation of animated films
Foto: Arhiva festivala

"My Environment - My Creation" animation workshops have started. Association of Visual Arts "Fenix Art" is a coordinator of this project.

Yesterday in the Center for education, upbringing and rehabilitation of hearing and speech of Banja Luka, the first creative workshop was held within the project "My environment - my creativity".

It is a project that by the end of October this year includes workshops and production of short animated children's films, created by children with special needs with the help of their mentors. The project is supported by the Government of Switzerland, and implemented by the Association for Visual Arts "Fenix Art" from Banja Luka.

- Children from the Center for education, upbringing and rehabilitation of hearing and speech of Banja Luka and children from the association "Down sy and us" who are on treatment at the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation "Dr Miroslav Zotović" will take part in the project. - said the organizer of the project Dragana Protić.

It is planned that after the workshops are made, two short children's experimental animated films will be created, the content of which will be based on the ideas of the children participating in the workshops. This is one of the so-called. small actions in culture where children get involved in society through filmmaking.

- Our society is economically very poorly positioned, and such contents are getting weaker. Due to this impoverishment of the society, there have been suppression of individuals and groups who are not able to participate in culture themselves. This has further increased the gap between those who are participating and who are unable to participate. It is our intention to do a short documentary about the activities carried out, the children, their parents, the pedagogues and the health workers who are participants in this project. The film will be an opportunity to emphasize what they deem necessary for their children and their institution in the future, or what they need to influence the quality of life of these categories. This is the main goal of this project. - says Dragan Protić.

Workshops present work with modeling materials for children to work on the development of hand motility. By working on the film they would become creative creators. Given that films are available to a wider audience, this gives the opportunity to see their creative expression.

- Project activities directly focus on the involvement of individuals - children with disabilities to gain their place in society. The workshops are adapted to their abilities, and the result is films that remain as permanent values that one such individual can, with the help of a mentor, create - says Protić D.