29. October 2023. Awarded films of the BANJALUKA 2023 International Animated Film Festival
Foto: Stephen Vuillemin

Members of the jury: Krešimir Zimonjić (Croatia) head of the jury, Ana Nedeljković (Serbia) and Tamara Maksimović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) have selected the awarded films of the International Animated Film Festival BANJA LUKA 2023 as follows:

- GRAND PRIX goes to film "A KIND OF TESTAMENT ’’ directed by Stephen Vuillemin. Produced in France.
Every day we are trying to create our imaginary identities on social media. However, how do wedecide who we are in the real world? And what is the real world? What if the photos that we
post online begin to live lives on their own? Through striking aesthetics on the line between real and surreal, this film talks about the universal and timeless theme of identity crisis in a contemporary and authentic way.

- Award for creativity and artistic expression goes to film “ONELUV” directed by Varya Yakovleva. Produced by Russia.
This film baldly talks about violence: violence against woman, violance in the society and their inextricable connection. Free and original drawing and animation, variety of designs and convincing characterization of the characters put the topic of violence in a wider context and confirm that the language of the animated film is an excellent tool for referring to social problems.

- Award for best animation technique goes to film "SOCKS FOR THE STAR’’ directed by Olga Titova, produced by Russia.
This stop motion animated film for children uses knitting in an original way, both as a technique and as a metaphor on which the subtle and dreamy plot is based.

- Award for best children animated film goes to "LETTERS FROM THE EDGE OF THE FOREST’’ directed by Jelena Oroz from Croatia.
Is knowledge supposed to be free and who are true friends - we find out at the edge of the forest. Using the original drawings, the author approached the children in a close, gentle and instructive way.

- Award for best student animated film goes to "ELECTRA’’ directed by Daria Kashcheeva from Czechia.
This film undoubtedly pushes the boundaries of student film. A strong, dynamic and precise author's approach to the serious topic of family trauma, personal sexual identity and maturation uses and compares the worlds of real physical bodies and dolls, in order to simultaneously introduce us to the spaces of imagination, memory and reality. The powerful and intense images that this film offers remain in our subconscious long after viewing, continuing to raise questions.

- Special mention goes to "11’’ directed by Vuk Jevremović from Croatia.
Special recognition for the most important secondary thing in the world, artistry in animation and variations on the edge of abstraction.

- Special mention goes to film “PIG”, directed by Jorn Leeuwerink from Netherlands.
When the non-renewable sources of energy that are the foundations of our civilization are exhausted, we must find an alternative or fall into the abyss of chaos. An extremely dynamic and entertaining film that combines humor and a serious, current topic in an excellent way.

- Special mention goes to film “SHAPTACH”, directed by Mladen Đukić from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
There are multiple variants of the same event. The viewer is forced to choose his version. How to choose what is the truth and is it determined by the winners?